Q and A with the Artist: Justin Lefty Lefkowitz @JLeftyArt

what’s your favorite medium to work with?

Acrylics all day - actually - I take that back! I love working with domestic paints - Behr Marquee is probably my favorite specifically, although I really work with everything on almost every piece! The consistency in that specific paint is what an artist needs to perform - it’s also the same price as the average tube at Michael’s when all is said and done! I’m all over with what I use, but to answer the question Behr Marquee paints with wooden panels.

What’s the most difficult thing for you to work with in overcoming the daily struggles of lyme?

Too many symptoms come with Lyme that overwhelm me on a daily basis. “Sensory Overload” and “Interacting with basic modern technology” are probably the most difficult struggles. Visual Stimulation is extremely painful sometimes. I don’t have the ability to work with tablets, computers, or even smart phones not properly adjusted for my sight. The adjustments are so difficult for my brain to make. It really sucks. It makes planning pieces difficult for sure in the modern era in which everyone seems to be prepping with applications on their tablets or computers, but I know Michaelangelo managed as did thousands of other artists did and they’re on another level then everyone else. Maybe technology isn’t a necessity, but in this modern world we live in, things can certainly get more difficult. Other then technology — the Lyme really fucks with my GI and makes my body ache all over — it makes me unable to get out of bed most days. Some days are better then others though! Those are the days in which I paint : )

What do you listen to while you paint to get in the zone?

Easiest question for sure! Nothing beats Howard Stern — simply the greatest interviewer/journalist to ever live. The way his team comes together to produce each episode speaks for itself. It’s entertaining and you learn new things all the time, even about painting (believe it or not). Music wise, my paint playlist has lots of Kanye and Chance the Rapper — Ariana Grande as well.


What’s your favorite piece you created?

Probably the most difficult question I get to answer on a weekly basis for sure. I can’t really choose one because I learn so much from creating each piece - there’s too many takeaways from each - definitely helps forge more of a bond between the art and artist. When it comes to “favorite” piece… hmm - I am so indecisive if you can’t tell already! I would have to say my Colonel KF Sanders is probably my favorite — it’s a piece that I really can’t wait to make another of at some point as well. It was the precursor to my Comical Satirist series and it’s a piece of Americana Art as well. It shows off my originality and it really did serve as a stepping stone to create other pieces. It’s a piece that could truly stand on it’s own in so many forms of art — maybe even a funko or a Be@brick of it one day!

What’s Your favorite piece of art you Acquired in the past year?

Easy answer and huge shoutout to one of my idols on this one - Matt Gondek! Definitely check out his work — favorite piece was the feature from his Growing Pains exhibit in Hong Kong, which leads me to the piece I acquired! It’s a trio of skate decks in which Gondek deconstructs Fantasia Mickey. It’s so fucking cool - edition of 250 (Complexcon exclusive) and the only way to acquire the Growing Pains piece so far, other than the original piece from the exhibit!

What’s A piece of art that you’re dying to own?

Alec Monopoly’s Monopoly Man with a Lightsaber — not sure the name of it exactly but I know it’s expensive but pretty dope looking! It was part of his 2015 Art Basel Collection in which he tackled a bunch of Star Wars characters.

What are you hoping for in 2019?

Hopefully lots of painting, but hopefully lots of health. I really want to be 100% again. I cant wait to show the world what I could possibly do when I’m there again! I can only improve as much as my body allows, but it’s all about positivity! I want to have a couple shows but I want to be able to enjoy them as well! I’m thankful for all I’ve accomplished and I look forward to accomplishing even more in the coming year!